Educational Excellence Grant Application

Our Mission

To improve, promote, sponsor, & enhance the educational experiences for public school students.

Dear Educator,

The Portsmouth Public Education Foundation (PPEF) is pleased to announce the Educational Excellence Grant Program.

PPEF is an independent, nonprofit organization, dedicated to the education of students in the Portsmouth Public Schools. Our mission is to provide needed financial support for projects that add to and enhance the educational experience for our students and their school communities.

Our Educational Excellence Grants are given for projects that are not ordinarily funded by the school operating budget. Projects receiving a grant must be implemented during the academic year in which they are funded.

For grant purchase reimbursement, both receipts and applicable school inventory numbers must be submitted to the school principal in a timely manner. PPEF recommends that you submit your information as soon as you make your purchase.

Grants for the school year range up to $3,000.00 (three thousand dollars). Mini-Grants during the academic year will range up to $500.00 (five hundred dollars) and may be used to purchase project materials, provide an off-site educational opportunity, or support curricula goals. Grant eligibility is limited to those projects supporting the Foundation’s mission.

Strongly encouraged are:

  • Projects that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or other applicable Standards.
  • Purchased items that provide an enduring benefit (from one academic year to the next) and represent the best competitive marketplace place/value.
  • Projects that engage community resources.
  • Projects that benefit an entire class or grade level.

Note: Any equipment or product purchased with grant funds becomes property of the school and must be inventoried as defined by school policy.

We invite and encourage you to apply for a PPEF grant. Please use the online grant request form to apply. The deadline for submitting a grant application is January 5, 2018.

Grant awards will be determined by the PPEF Grant committee and recipients will be notified on the professional development day / first day of school 2017. These grants are our way of supporting our valuable, creative teaching staff and honoring their commitment to the children of Portsmouth. On behalf of the PPEF Board Members, we look forward to receiving your proposal. It is PPEF’s expectation that the acknowledgement of grant funds be shared with impacted students’ families. If it all possible the grant award should be noted on the teacher’s homepage.


Board of Directors,
Portsmouth Public Education Foundation

Portsmouth Public Education Foundation
Educational Excellence Grant Application
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